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  • Dr. Andre Blaylock

"I didn't even say that!" What men and women say vs What they really mean.

It’s no secret that men and women communicate differently. Women generally speak in a language filled with mythical characters who look like ordinary men, but can read their minds and interpret their unspoken thoughts. Men are generally forthright in their communication and this simple straight talk seems to fly over the heads of the female species, who seem vehemently intent on rearranging the context of his simple verbiage into sentences that ultimately confuse him. I’m not suggesting that men are cavemen and women are manipulative. We mostly understand each other when it comes to straight-up exchanges of data, but where emotions are attached to subjects you aren’t sure where the other stands… All hell can break loose. In an effort to bring clarity to this complex system of dialogue, I will attempt to unscramble several phrases from both the male and female lexicon. Wish me luck!

1. "Fine."

Men: We're good.

Women: It's not fine! This discussion is just over!

2. “I’m tired.”

Men: I really don’t want to hear your mouth tonight. Let’s just have sex.

Women: I don’t want your penis anywhere near me tonight. I’ll be going to bed soon. Feel free to spank your monkey after I’m asleep. Just leave me out of it.

3. “Do whatever you want.”

Men: She’s cool with it. I can do whatever I want.

Women: You should know enough about me by now to know if I’m okay with it. Which I’m not, by the way. If you do this, we are through.