• Dr. Andre Blaylock

Opponents, victims, and suckers.

The ability to differentiate foxes from hares, wolves from lambs, eagles from vultures and how to act accordingly is a valuable skill set to master. Dealing bluntly with everyone you connect with could lead to a life of constant sorrow! Today, I will list five of the most dangerous types of people, how to recognize them, and what to do if you should ever find yourself locked in the cross hairs of their discontent.

The 5 Most Dangerous Types of People.

5. The Arrogant and Proud: The arrogant person is good at initially disguising their nature, but, sooner than later, their touchy pride will rear its ugly head. Any perceived slight will be met with an exceedingly violent response. There is no sanity behind their overreactions.

That is what makes them so dangerous! Do not waste valuable time trying to figure out what you did to offend them. Just run away the moment you identify that hypersensitive ego. Anything you hope to gain from that connection just isn't worth it.

4 The Hopelessly Insecure: This type is related to the arrogant and proud but they are much harder to identify. Their ego is fragile and their insecurity immense. A perceived injury can turn surprisingly violent, as well. Their emotions sit on the back burner. Simmering until well done. They will not attack you outright. Oh, no. Their assault will feel like being pecked to death by an angry duck. Slow, blunt and deliberate. Should you ever hurt their feelings, stay away for a long time to allow their emotions to quiet. If not, you will die the agonizing death of one thousand cuts.

3. The Suspicious: Despite any information to the contrary suspicious people see what they want to see and that viewpoint is usually negative. They imagine the worse and assume everyone is operating from a selfish motive or angle.

This type of person is very easily deceived and the least threatening of the three.

All one must do is play on their suspicious nature and turn that insecurity in any direction chosen.

2. The Unforgetful: They display no surface hurt or anger, but will lash out with remarkable ferocity and vengeance as soon as the tables turn. They are easily recognized by the calculating and cunning nature they display in other areas of their life. They are typically cold and unaffectionate. If they come after you, either crush them completely or forever remove them from your sight.

1. The Plain, Unassuming, and Unintelligent: This type is a lot harder to deceive than the others. Falling for the Okey-doke require a certain level of intelligence and imagination that this person sufficiently lacks. They are recognized by taking jokes and apparent tall tales literally. This person is dangerous because they will waste your time, energy, resources, and even your sanity. Deal with them at your own risk.

I will conclude with two points to ponder. First, get to know a person's ins and outs, weaknesses and struggles before making the decision to ally. Secondly, never trust your instinct or appearances. Sheep are oftentimes wolves and the person with the loudest mouth is usually a coward.


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