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  • Dr. Andre Blaylock

How To Get A Guy In 3 Easy Steps!


If you try to change anything in your life without first changing your thought process surrounding it, your brain will access the information it has previously accumulated, which is your past and current thought forms and experiences, and like a computer, it will send an error message to your mind saying; "I have no past reference for this. You have never done this before so you cannot do it." These are called presuppositions. Our brain will do everything to support a presupposed truth. Presuppositions are hidden commands that the brain will obey at all cost and they are the major reason why change is so difficult. Because when we want something different, but do not think and act differently, it's not going to make a difference!


That being said...Let's go!

Step one: Have a life.

If you don't have one, get one! You have to be ABOUT something! It's amazing how little you care about what a guy thinks about you or how much he likes you UNTIL you start liking him back! It's after this switch is flipped that you become another person. Men are interested in high value women who give him what he earns as opposed to someone who says, "I like you. You're interesting, let's see where this goes." That is a turnoff! Why?

Because a man sees a woman who is willing to invest so much so soon as not having good discernment. When a guy feels as though he is earning your level of investment, he feels rewarded. A all access pass into your life too quickly makes you ordinary and who wants that?

Step two: Make the first move.

Two things come to those who wait on love. The wrong thing or nothing. You have got to get better at approaching men because, believe me, they are just as afraid, if not more, of approaching you!That may fly against everything you currently believe, (see intro), but how can you hope to get a great guy by sitting around like a flower and waiting for him to buzz around and find you? There are just too many beautiful flowers in the garden. Help cupid out!! The fear of rejection is real but the more new men you meet, the better your selection!

Step three: Don't stop being a girl.