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  • Dr. Andre Blaylock

The Timeshare Man: Part 1

Often times a highly-coveted piece of property is too expensive for the average single individual to acquire on their own. In many cases these properties are offered on timeshare. A timeshare is a ownership model where several people collectively own usage in the same property. Although most timeshare plans apply to real estate let's, for illustration purposes, apply this principle to a human being. Does the man you desire have to be a certain height, weight and build ? Does he have to work in a particular profession and earn a specific amount of money? How important are his looks, vocabulary, sense of style, and level of ambition? Are all these features a far measure above the average man that you would typically encounter in the dating marketplace? If you are anything like most of the women I work with, the answer is a resounding, "Hell, yeah!" Then you, my dear, are either in search or in possession of a "Timeshare Man". Timeshare men do not play by the same rules as men of lower status. The "Timeshare Man" knows that he is in demand, therefore he is extremely punctilious. Whereas you could probably hold an average fellow to a certain protocol, these rules of engagement will not apply to the timeshare man because he is accustomed to various options and he knows his value. Whenever you look to upgrade anything, its important to understand the higher cost of ownership. Owning a premium gasoline vehicle on a regular gasoline budget is a problem. The vehicle will still drive, but when it starts to lose its performance you can't blame the manufacturer. The blame is yours because you picked a vehicle that was exceptionally nice on the outside but was clearly out of your league. When going after a "Timeshare Man" know that there are many who will appreciate his artistic lines and commanding curb appeal. Realize that there are many who desire a test drive. If not for keeps, then at least for the experience.


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