The Relationship Law-away Plan

Today I went into several stores to test my theory. I visited a high end jewelry store, furniture store, and custom clothier. I asked to speak to management and our dialogue went something like...

Me: "Hi. I really like this piece of merchandise. I don't want to take it home today, but I want you to take it off of the showroom floor and place it in the back so that no one can touch or handle it."

Manager: "That's possible, sir. How much down payment were you planning to deposit today? We have a 30 day same as cash program available."

Me: "Oh. I'm not making a deposit today. I might come back for it in the future but I don't know when. Can you remove it from display right now?

In every instance the manager looked at me like I was crazy.

Manager: "We do not have such a program,sir."

Now, riddle me this. How is it that a guy is able to put a female on layaway without it costing him anything except a few words?

Typically the conversation goes something like this...

"You know, we've been seeing each other for a while now and I don't like playing games. I'm looking for a serious relationship and I was hoping that you and I could take our friendship to the next level and see each other exclusively. Are you okay with that?"

Now, if you say yes, you have successfully been placed on layaway. Effectively taken off the market and placed where no other man can see, touch, or handle you.

And what deposit did it cost the guy?


Your finger is as bald as my head. No necklace, toe, nose, or earrings. No bracelet, belly ring,or anklet....NOTHING of value was exchanged during this transaction besides words! You cannot put ANYTHING of VALUE on layaway without it initially costing you something and that something has to be tangible.

I think that you are a much more valuable than to fall for this tactic. Many of you will disagree because it's habit to fall victim to this tactic.


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