Let's Talk About S.E.X.

People lie, cheat, die, and steal because of it. You've done it!

And if you haven't done it, then YOU'VE THOUGHT ABOUT IT.

As a matter of fact, it's difficult to navigate the dating experience without encountering the urge, especially when there's strong mutual attraction.

The chemistry between two people is vital. It establishes connection. Oftentimes that physical connection creates a chemical reaction that provokes a "CHEMISTRY Imbalance".

Yes, I meant to say chemistry...

"Chemistry Imbalances" produce pain. Why? Because good S.E.X shortcircuits logic. Today we are going to alleviate that pain by recalibrating your logic.





Is SEX holding your happiness hostage? Perhaps it's preventing you from reaching your full potential or, maybe, it's silently sabotaging your dating experience. Today I will drill down on the "X" factor of the synonym.


Isn't it amazing how many excuses we make and tolerate on behalf of the one's we care about? Most people know how to throw up the deuces and walk away at the slightest hint of relationship pattern foolishness, especially in the beginning when the arm of attraction could land on either the "I want to know more about you." or "Go on about your merry way." side of the spectrum. My observations have led me to this discovery... The deeper the attraction the blurrier the vision. It is hard to effectively navigate your surroundings with blurred vision.You risk bumping into things and hurting yourself or others. Poor vision causes one to over or under compensate. We react to what we THINK or WANT to see rather than to what is actually before us. If a accident occurs we are quick to blame; "Why didn't you watch where you were going?" or even quicker to defend; "I didn't see you.The sun was in my eyes." Many of us do the same thing in our dating relationships. We make excuses to justify the "why". We KNOW what unfair treatment looks and feels like but many of us, whether on the giving or receiving end, just accept it.

No more. That ends TODAY!

No matter how bad you want something, it's not coming until you put forth the effort to attain it! Do you want a fantastic relationship? Good! Then what changes are you going to make TODAY to acquire it? What self inflicted excuse(s) is preventing you from becoming your best version? It's less about what people do to you and more about what you allow.

Personal procrastination is aggressively attacking your progress, but...

That ends TODAY!

TODAY you are going to stop making excuses for yourself AND others!

RIGHT NOW it's about taking positive steps toward what you want and who you desire to be.

TODAY, S.E.X. has been put in its proper place and you are now moving forward into the successful tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday.


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