Are you being Caspered?

Picture this: Everything seems to be going great with the exciting, new person you recently met. All of a sudden they stop returning your calls and text messages? It's like, one day it's all about you, the next, they're gone?"

It's called "ghosting" and it is a very popular dating trend.

Cowardly? True, but still prevalent.

Instead of announcing that he/she just isn't into you anymore they would rather pull a "Casper"(my term) and...poof... be gone. Being "Caspered" is frustrating because it leaves unanswered questions. The victim is left to wonder, "What did I do that was so wrong? or "What could I have done differently to prevent them from leaving...? The answer is nothing and everything. When someone elects to ghost they either want to avoid confrontation or they just don't give a damn. A mindset parked on exit is just waiting for the body to catch up and there is nothing you can do about it.

A equally frustrating pattern emerging on the dating scene is known as "bread crumbing". Its a 21st century spin on the classic string along technique. The person dropping the crumbs provides just enough attention to keep you interested. You will never go completely hungry while feeding on these scraps of sporadic interaction, but you will never experience fulfillment either. More often than not, if you are being crumbed, you are in serious contention for the top spot in a relationship, you just haven't quite met all requirements or expectations yet...


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