Symptoms Of Male P.M.S.

I will undoubtedly receive thousands of letters from my male counterparts for exposing this scarcely communicated fact, but, so be it. I have grown accustomed to controversy over the years.

Little known fact: Men endure symptoms of P.M.S.

Now, obviously our symptoms are not the same as a woman's and if you are at all familiar with my writings, you know that I am big on acronyms. The classic male disorder can be defined as follows:


Unlike women who generally loathe their "time of the month", most men wholeheartedly embrace ours. The testosterone driven desire for power, money and sex has caused many men to veer off the narrow path of sane and rational behavior.

Truth: A house divided CANNOT know what you're working with.

Our insatiable quest for these three trinkets cause us to be most volatile in our personal relationships. On the one hand we want the monogamous relationship but, on the other, we strongly desire the status that these three kings will bring us, so we are forced to choose. Often times than not, men will choose the latter because the former can always be attained afterward. Most women I know are attracted to the man in possession of these three kings when they first meet him. but the piece most overlooked is that his definition of success came in three. Power, Money AND Sex. The first two kings do not present an obstacle because they, too, may benefit by association, but they vehemently fight to dethrone the third mighty king by thinking that, somehow, their sex alone should be enough to satiate his thirst. That's the first mistake. The successful man knows that he has plenty options and is very accustomed to exercising them at leisure.

Hard Truth: Remember the Golden Rule...

This is not an equal opportunity situation. He is golden so you don't rule. If you did not contribute to the accumulation, do not try to influence the distribution. I know you are all that and he should feel "lucky" to have you, but in his particular area of operation, you are one of many. I will bring this to a close by simply stating that high hopes equal high consequences and male P.M.S. is a reality. Honestly assess the object of your desire and determine if he is either in possession of or in route to these "three kings" and govern yourself accordingly.


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