7 Fun Ways to Simplify Decision-Making:

1. FORTUNE-TELLING: Imagine a fortune cookie (use all 5 senses if you like!) Now, imagine that the answer you need is on the slip inside. Crack it open - and then take a look. What does it say? (If it's blank imagine waving a magic wand and then that words BEGIN to materialize).

2. STOP THINKING! Where the impact of your choice has no major impacts - stop thinking - and just pick! Act on it and see what happens…

3. GET SMALL! Sometimes there is no substitute for experience. If you think you know the answer but are hesitant, just start - SMALL! Instead of analyzing and over-thinking, make the decision and move forward slowly with the smallest actions you can think of - until you feel confident enough to go bigger!

4. STOP THE CLOCK! When you insist on knowing more, set a time-limit. How much time are you willing to spend researching and thinking about it. Then, when the time is up - let go and DECIDE. There will always be a better deal, a better answer somewhere - what is your time worth?

5. LUCK RULES: Let go and let luck decide! Write down your options, close your eyes, point your finger and see where it lands! This is a fun one to try out in a restaurant when looking at the menu. And it's also great because it can force a genuine deep-seated response. You will either be pleased with your random choice, or wish you had one of the other choices - in which case there's the answer you were looking for. This can also be done by flipping a coin.

6. AGE APPROPRIATE: Imagine you're 5, 25, 50 and then 75 years old. What would you decide at each age-point? Even if the decision isn't relevant to a 5 or 75 year old, imagine what wisdom or recommendation you WOULD make at that age. How does that inform your decision making?

7. NO CONSEQUENCES! Imagine there are NO negative consequences - everything goes GREAT, everyone supports and is happy for you, no-one is upset or hurt, in short - all is well. What would you decide now?

So, next time you are struggling to make a decision, try one of these tips and see what happens!


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