• Dr. Andre Blaylock

Relationship Track and Field. What's YOUR position?

Runners on your mark. Get set... Let's go!

Sprinters: These people are quick to start a relationship. They go from, "Hello, my name is..." to "Who the hell is that in-boxing you on Facebook?" real quick! The courtship phase of the relationship is a blur because the sprinter's primary focus is to meet someone interesting and make it to the finish line (start a relationship) as quickly as possible. Sprinters don't feel like they have "time to waste" on the dating process. Just tell them what you are looking for upfront so they can speed on about their merry way. Sprinters focus on chemistry and connection. They value the relationship as long as it remains fun and exciting, but the moment a real life obstacle is set in their path they begin to readjust. Sprinters will not allow anything to negatively affect their speed long-term. They are good at walking away at the drop of a hat. When they are presented with emotional obstacles they run around them. They leave the obstacles to the...

Hurdlers: These people are good at "going through". The are masters at getting over the hurdles in their relationships. Lies? Jump. Infidelity? Jump. Verbal, physical, mental abuse? No problem, jump, jump, jump... The hurdler takes pride in their strength to endure. They think that perpetually leaping over chronic problems in their relationship displays commitment. Especially if there are children involved... Hurdlers are a victim of their inner voice sending conflicting messages. Leave or Stay?... The issue with being a hurdler is that no matter how many obstacles you manage to jump over in that relationship, when you look behind you the issues are still back there. Standing tall. A constant reminder of all the hurt and disappointment you jumped over but never truly addressed. In order to effectively deal with certain obstacles in your life you are going to need a teammate to help you win. Sometimes you have to pass the baton to...

The Relay Runner: The relay race requires patience, effective communication, and endurance. Relay races demand unified teamwork because the team is only as strong as its weakest member. Relay runners realize that speed and endurance are crucial skills to develop if you ever hope to win as a team. All the members on a relay team are individual winners of separate singles events. That means that by themselves they were working very hard on developing and honing their own skills. They became "worthy" of teammate status by proving to be winners on their own! They understand the discipline of self control. They continue to train even when every ounce of their being wants to quit. They push through the pain of today for the opportunity to win tomorrow. Relay runners realize the significance of the "hand off" and are running and up to optimal speed when their teammate needs to pass the baton. My question for you. Yes, YOU, is..

Which athlete are you? How are you training today for the relationship you want tomorrow? Have you recently read any books on Semantics? The art of communication? or Conflict resolution? How about a 101 course on The psychology of the male/female brain, how they process thought and handle emotions? No? Then how do you expect to get better?

Rude awakening time.. It's not going to JUST HAPPEN one day should you meet the "RIGHT" person or your "SOULMATE", etc. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PUT IN SOME WORK because many times YOU are the problem...

Preparing for a relationship is a lot like preparing for a race. Sadly, too many people show up to the field not prepared to run.


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