The King of YOUR jungle.

Imagine you are on a safari in the Serengeti desert.You stumble across a pride of lions crouched in the bushes eyeing a herd of grazing Wildebeest. Everything is calm when, all of a sudden, a large, powerful lion springs from the bush and charges the unsuspecting herd! The lion is locked in on one single specimen. He does not get distracted by the ensuing chaos of stampeding hoofs and blinding dust. Instead, he remains intense and focused. Relentlessly, he pursues his victim until he catches it, subdues it, and kills it. He does not hunt and kill for the sake of the pride. This is a selfish endeavor. He is hungry. He eats. Sometimes he will even sit back and let others do the killing before chasing them off and getting first dibs.

That is a graphic illustration of what naturally occurs in the wild on a daily basis. The animals may change, but the hunt remains. Now, if you are like most women, you are awaiting YOUR lion.

The PROVIDER and PROTECTOR of you and yours. That strong, confident, handsome KING that will find and relentlessly pursue you! Forsaking all others in his effort to chase, subdue and bestow upon YOU a lifetime of passion and commitment. That sounds WONDERFUL!

But that's not what happens in nature. That's a fantasy.

Reality check: The ONLY time that you will observe a lion chasing after anything is either to vanquish it or to eat it. It will pursue a rival to run him "off of his property" or he will run to catch PREY. You will seldom observe a lion chasing after a lioness. It's not natural. Why?

Because the lioness is his equal. He does not chase down and pursue something he perceives is as powerful as he. He only chases weaker things that he believes he can conquer.

The KING of the jungle chases PREY.

Many people continuously get preyed upon because they insist upon being "chased" or "pursued". They were taught, and believed, that there is nothing a man would not do to get you if he was "really interested". Again, that sounds good, but does it occur in nature?

The wild does not do fantasy. It does life.


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