Psychological Love Tactics

It's been said that all is fair in love and war, but some people just seem to have an unfair advantage. When it comes to emotions and matters of the heart it's a good idea to understand the rules of engagement. It's a fact that all humans manipulate on some level to get what they want, Why should love be any different? Below are four tactics of romantic psychological warfare.

Tactic One: Choosing the right victim.

The perfect victim is a person who is moderate to severely unhappy with their life and possesses an area of low self esteem. It doesn't matter where that area resides. It just needs to be there. People with unhappy lives don't yet realize that the power to change resides within themselves so they constantly look for happiness outside of themselves.

Tactic two: Identify the need.

The perfect victim has a unfulfilled need in their life. If there is no need, then there is nothing to be fulfilled. Master manipulators cause their victims to obsess and fall in love with them by identifying areas of vulnerability and exploiting them. They are expert at making you feel that your world revolves around them and would crumble should they leave.

Tactic Three: The need for validation.

The perfect victim seeks validation from their partner. Rarely will you observe a truly confident person pining over a partner after a breakup. People with low self esteem and the need for validation find it hard to emotionally release their ex after the relationship has run its course.

Especially if the ex was a high status partner because being with that person actually raised their social status by default. Falling from the heights of popularity and desire is a hard pill for most to swallow.

Tactic Four: Select a non-moving target.

A non-moving target does not have much going on in their life outside of their job and kids.

The less busy the better!

These make easy victims because they seek an escape from their mundane, predictable life but they are too lazy to do anything about it on their own. Non-moving targets are easily swept off their feet and into relationships by receiving ample attention, quality time, and romantic conversations and gestures.

In the hands of a master manipulator, these four tactics can wreak havoc on the psyche. It's never a good idea to be overly suspicious when it comes to motives and matters of the heart, but it is equally unwise to rush into a romantic situation with reckless abandon. Employ caution and unemotional, unbiased observation when approaching that new friendship. Love conquers all, because love is a battlefield.


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